Why STEM Fair? Satisfy Standards


Why Participate?

  • You are molding the Scientists, Technicians, Engineers and Mathematicians of tomorrow! Encouraging your students to participate in our Fair can not only fit well into your curriculum for the year, but will also satisfy the Next Generation Science Standards!
  • NGSS focuses on hands-on, student-driven, inquiry-based project learning that involves cross-curricular collaboration among teachers and peer-to-peer learning opportunities for students.  Guiding students through a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) project can be one way of meeting the diverse requirements of NGSS.
  • Students’ participation in our regional fair is an opportunity for collaboration across curriculum.  For example, a science project needs graphs (math teacher), a good abstract (english teacher) and of course, the science behind it (science teacher)!

Request a Presentation



We understand that sometimes in order to get excited over a new topic, students need a change in scenery. This is why we would like to present our "Request for a Classroom Presenter" form.


Please fill out the form to request that we contact you and we will organize a presentation in your classroom to help your students with the beginning phases of their STEM projects and how to participate in our Fair.

Participate in the Sacramento Regional STEM Fair



Participation in the Sacramento Regional STEM Fair is simple and quick!!


1st After your students have developed their research plans, have them register on-line through our Project Registration. Your

students can choose to compete or showcase by selecting the corresponding registration.


2nd  Once Registration is submitted, students can begin experimentation and put together their project boards.


3rd  Project Registrations are considered completed unless the students are contacted for additional information!


It's that easy!

How To: STEM Fair


Timeline for your Classroom


Helpful Websites for you and your Classroom!

Sites to Help with Getting Started

1. Sparticl - A new web and mobile service for teens that collects the best Internet resources in STEM.  (www.sparticl.org)


Sites to Help with Research

2. The National Science Digital Library - An on-line library for those interested in education and research in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. (www.nsdl.org)


Sites to Help with Project Board Supplies

Sites with Curriculum to satisfy NGSS

3 eGFI -  Tools to boost your students’ math and science skills, enliven the classroom with engineering projects, lesson plans and activities and demonstrations. (http://teachers.egfi-k12.org/category/lessons/)


4 Find your Path Through NGSS - Choose different STEM topics and cross cutting areas to see different activities and lesson plans! (http://concord.org/ngss/?gclid=CMSV1IjnuL8CFYhefgodfXYA3A)



Fun Sites

5. Code.org - This website has helpful tutorials on the basis of computer science, coding and programming. It even lets

you learn coding with simple building blocks while playing your favorite games like "Angry Birds"! (www.Code.org)


6. Science News for Students! Pretty self-explanatory, but this news site can help you see what real world problem professional scientists and engineers are tackling - maybe you have a better solution? (Student.societyforscience.org/sciencenews-students)

Plan a Field Trip

to the Sacramento Regional STEM Fair



The Sacramento Regional STEM Fair is a day for EVERYONE to enjoy! We would like to invite you and your classrooms to participate in the STEM Fair in a new way - as a field trip! We invite classrooms from K-8 to join us during public hours to view the competition, the STEM Fair projects, the College and Career Expo and the multitude of workshops we have to offer. This comprehensive day will be a great way for your students to become immersed in a culture of STEM early so that they will want to participate when they come of age!


To register your classroom for a field trip, please fill out the form below. Participation is limited! The cap will fill quickly.

Suggested Project Timeline


Plan a Field Trip Here!

Request Transportation Funding

to the 2020 Sacramento Regional STEM Fair



Apply for a Transportation Grant through the Foundation


The Fair may be able to award funding to districts and schools that are in need of transportation to the event as part of a transportation grant.


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