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The NorCal STEM Education Foundation offers professional development workshops for teachers and district offices.


We provide hands on workshops dedicated to demonstrating the scientific process and the engineering design process as they relate to the current state standards. These workshops focus on the newly adopted Common Core Standards, and the Next Generation Science Standards and how they are affecting curriculum. The workshop provides answers, guides, and resources for teachers.  This initiative is designed to improve the quality of the the greater Northern California region's STEM education and enhance teachers' literacy about incorporating inquiry-based STEM projects into the classroom to satisfy state learning requirements.


The Foundation workshops can be tailored to your specific requests. The program utilizes hands-on and inquiry-based learning for teachers to experience in order to gain familiarity with the process and how easily it can be incorporated into a classroom setting.  Participating teachers can be from same-level grade groups, or inclining grade groups - workshops adjust from static to compounding presentations. Teachers will explore best practices for teaching Next Generation Science Standards to middle and high school students.  STEM resources that will increase knowledge of incorporation are included in the presentation.


Typical Audience(s): Grade 5–12 Teachers, Curriculum Supervisors, Science Supervisors, Administrators, and Parents. Workshops can be held at your facility or that of the Foundation. For more information, please contact the Director, Nadia Compton at


455 Capitol Mall, Suite 500 Sacramento, CA 95814

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The mission of the NorCal STEM Education Foundation is to inspire and engage students to become interested in pursuing scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) degrees and careers.

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